I love working by myself; from inspiration through development, experimentation to "completion".

You see, more and more today, because my work is made with a camera then squeezed through software, an image is never “finished”. (There are only derivatives-of or sequels-to an original).

I rarely experience a 'creative block' to generating something new. (I always dream in Technicolor.)

a shadow puppet


But then collaborating with others is every bit as rewarding (fulfilling) though a different sort of process – requiring an open mind and acceptance of others' ideas, differing points of view. (HERE is a link to an info-graphic comparing self-assigned, individual work as an “artist” to my creative work as a “collaborator”…)


So, “What’s the ‘skinny’ here”?

How might I lend a hand to you, contribute to your creative endeavor?


Well, if you are a designer I can participate in the conceptualization process, make photographs and fabricate believable composite (montage) photo illustrations...


And if you’re a photographer I can help you to...

... by providing basic or more extensive retouching; enhancing your photographs as you wish.

... repair damaged film or print scans.

... building composite photo illustrations from your ideas and photographs.

... acquire the optimal ‘background plates’ for your illustrations from my decades’ work as a Location Scout. (In the past I was often asked to find places that could “double as” somewhere other than where I was actually shooting at the time – alternatives for Producers' concerns over weather, budget, “political” or potential safety problems and comfort issues of or for their clients.)

... save your project both time and money by shooting HDRI backgrounds per your directions. (In the past I have also been asked by some of my Film Directors to shoot “time studies” of a selected location, a most-favored camera POV in order to help them and their Producers best plan their intended shot list schedule. I understand the importance of camera elevation; how it is key to, reinforces the entire believability of an intended picture. After all, you want to fool the mind’s eye of the most discerning viewer.)

Let's get on with it.

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