matchmaker is a photograph edited entirely within the lightroom application by michael maersch


spacer It’s all too simple these days to take an image straight from camera into some plugin in order to “make art”. Far too often when I find myself momentarily distracted by some 'forum' (*chat room*) discussion regarding software titles and “workflow” it eventually seems to boil-down to “time saved” and “awhhhhhhhsome effects” – the same-old/same-old.

For several years I was intent upon making “a living” by evangelizing Lightroom as a guide to One-on-One clients.

I so-wanted to work with creative sorts helping them understand how best to harness all the remarkable features baked into the LR cake; but unfortunately most calls were instead focused on how to rid themselves of Lightroom’s dreaded ‘question mark’ and how-in-the-world to find where they had squirreled-away their "umpteen" digital fotos. (Seems no-one cares to read anymore; and “What, you expect me to understand the difference between ‘a browser’ and ‘a database’ method for organizing and viewing my images?! I thought this app ‘does it all’!!!”)

For my part – after overcoming my own initial, newbie screw-ups with Lightroom’s Catalog system – I have learned to quickly, subtly enhance my out-of-camera captures and film or print scans then, all the more gratifying, found ways to work with features that allow me to take my work one step further, to create and save interpretations of what the camera and film or sensor captured through my lens.

There are limitless Preset creations available for users to access as shortcuts-to-creativity but more often than not I have found just spending some QT (quality time) with an image that warrants the investment – working all the options laid out in a series of panels for consideration – I can build variations of an original I am proud to share with others AND build new custom Presets of my own to tap into when I’m ‘under the gun’ because of some deadline to meet, “killing two birds with one stone”.

* 'Roll-over' to see the original I started with.*