a custom cutout of a baby resting on a blanket by michael maersch

Feather Bed


This ‘baby’ image I chose for work on a complex illustration has the infant somewhat intertwined atop and within his pure white bedding.

I suppose I could just "cut him out" of that background then carefully replace parts of that coverlet remaining with “baby skin”… But then I’d have a beautiful baby cut-out as any other composite element and still be faced with making that solution “work” inside my conceptual work-in-progress.

I knew I could come up with a better solution.

So in that “baby” will be “floating” mid-air above a desert canyon I thought “Well, since I normally use a ‘brush’ for finessing other masks... WHAT IF?”

And here he is more suitably swaddled in "a nest of feathers". (*Roll-over image to see original.*)