a conceptual photo illustration by michael maersch titled the witch, white magic

The Witch, White Magic

There are two variations to this illustration, The Witch – the ‘White Magic’ version you see here and a second Black Magic’ version. NOTE that I also include the link to a secondary, ‘GENESIS’ detail-page I include with all my ‘conceptual’ photo illustrations, a peek at the original objects I used to build the montage/composite. (As well, this is a continuation of my work utilizing “day for night”; affecting images shot in daylight to simulate a night-time experience.)

The “leafbrush I spoke a bit about on the last page was utilized to “paint” the ghost-like swirl or “aurora” rushing from within the furls of the witch’s dress on into the dark forest surroundings here. If you look closely you can see the occasional leaf-like shape in that effect.

I also used another app-included brush from Photoshop itself, one of its “Star”s I tweaked to build the “white magic” energy emitting-from and above her fingertips here…